Rosewood Montecino Trellis

ADC was engaged to design the trellis assembly at the upscale Rosewood Miramar Hotel in Montecito. Using a 3D laser based point cloud scan to coordinate the design with existing conditions, ADC planned for the challenges of maintaining and servicing an outdoor beachfront eating area which formed the outdoor venue for a world class bar and restaurant. Careful consideration was given to the integration of the heating, shading, drainage, MEP, finishes, and shielding components to maximize the guest experience for those dining and reclining in this picturesque environment. The trellis structure adorns this meticulously arranged property to add a stunning and delightful addition to the rare and delightful Southern California beachfront dining experience!

SOHO Little Beach House Trellis

In collaboration with SOHO House and TY Engineering, ADC redesigned the structural wood and steel components to accommodate the routing and usage of heating and shading components to reduce the cost, increase the authenticity of the intended heavy timber structure, and to add components to increase the level of comfort to those residing under the outdoor structure resting upon the sand. The trellis which joins a bar in conjunction with custom built Ipe planters surrounding the area and defining the program were designed by ADC and furnished and constructed by TRWurster to provide a serene and unforgettable hospitality experience for those who have access to this elite Malibu Carbon Beach property.