Nearly a decade prior, TRWurster built an elaborate structure for a luxe client in the Huntington Palisades which served to be a case study in BIM modeling and coordination. The project was a stunning success, and the design, fit, and finish is of the highest caliber.
While TRW was performing some estate maintenance along with design-building elements of a refreshed Golf Simulator with the unique ability to convert to a Theater at the touch of a button and crafting upgrades to the existing gym, the client advised TRW/ADC that there were operational deficiencies that needed resolution. Front yard security needed to be enhanced, the existing landscape and hardscape left much to be desired, and a generator and battery storage were needed. Onsite parking circulation was poor at best and also needed to be developed.

The client faced numerous operational deficiencies on their property, including poor security in the front yard, inadequate landscape and hardscape, lack of generator and battery storage, and inefficient on-site parking circulation. These issues were hindering their overall living experience and property functionality.

Imagine feeling unsafe in your own front yard, struggling with lackluster outdoor spaces, dealing with parking chaos daily, and constantly worrying about power outages. These shortcomings can take a toll on your peace of mind and quality of life.

TRW/ADC utilized innovative solutions such as point cloud data and BIM modeling to address all these concerns effectively. When adding a unique water feature the connection between the distant ocean horizon and the immediate front yard was strengthened to further enhance and improve the day to day living experience and to maximize the entry sequence. By implementing a new driveway program, enhanced security measures, improved landscape design, and creative underground living space concepts, ADC transformed the unused area into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. With minimal lagging and shoring, the front yard could be captured for subterranean utility, parking, and living needs. Schematic studies of the proposed basement presented the opportunity for a fashion themed program and a sports themed program; both space utilizations connected to the new water feature as an acrylic skylight with unexpected views to the sky through the elegant water feature above. Hidden vehicle lifts in the driveway were proposed to add additional on site parking for the growing family in an unused subterranean space.

With TRW/ADC’s expertise, the client’s upgraded property offers enhanced security, beautiful outdoor spaces, efficient parking solutions, and additional living amenities—all seamlessly integrated to improve their daily living experience.


Project Brief:

While performing estate maintenance on this charming residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean ADC became aware that the property needed a significant expansion to accommodate the clients’ growing living requirements. The existing space was limited and lacked essential features for modern living, creating a dilemma for the residents. The kitchen was cramped, lacking storage and entertainment space, making it challenging to host guests and to organize daily activities. Additionally, the need to house the client’s vehicle collection and expand home office and utility programming added to the needs of the project. Existing laundry equipment was limited to a closet with poor access, so a new functional laundry program needed to be introduced.


Enter ADC, the design firm that transformed this quaint residence into a luxurious haven while seamlessly blending new additions with the existing structure. By employing innovative design strategies like a glass rotunda in the kitchen to capture breathtaking views without compromising functionality, ADC created a harmonious living environment that feels like it has always been part of the home.

Utilizing setback regulations cleverly, ADC introduced a basement within the front yard setback with minimal disruption to existing areas. This footage created subterranean living spaces intermingled within the existing hillside, added utility programming, and introduced 4 car garage using vehicle lifts offering views of the collectible vehicles from above through a structural glass floor forming the ocean-facing balcony adjacent to the living room. A additional specialized garage offers additional parking while creating a space to maintain the client’s collection of vintage motorbikes. The addition of an architecturally stunning rotunda at the entrance enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the residence in the Spanish architectural vernacular while maximizing usable space.

The incorporation of antique stained glass and other unique found elements from the client’s collection adds character and charm to the revamped property. A new wine room/lounge with an adjoining courtyard not only expanded living areas but also offered a secure and serene ocean view experience in this indoor/outdoor living area.

With these meticulous and thoughtful enhancements, ADC transformed this Pacific Palisades residence into a captivating retreat that promises delight to all who step inside.

Flex Garage

How do you squeeze 4 motorcycles, 4 bicycles, and everything you might find in a garage attic into a existing 2 car garage with flat 7′ ceilings while leaving room for a workshop, an overflow area for entertaining, a media center, while still being sure to leave room for an occasional jam session or a conference/training event? A vaulted ceiling squeezed up underneath the existing roof envelope with 4 electric winches opened up enough floor space to allow the garage to comfortably house all of the vehicles while allowing ample storage space for several bicycles and an attic storage mezzanine. Custom cabinetry creates a environment friendly for a functional and practical workspace which also doubles as an excellent platform for entertaining. A durable and easy to clean epoxy floor allows the space to polish up quickly for alternate use, ductless heating and cooling makes the space a lot more comfortable when the space is being utilized for something other than a parking garage. From concept to completion, this bespoke solution for the necessary function of vehicle storage while allowing infinite possibilities to add temporary bonus space to a small home has proven to serve the needs of its occupants in delightful way!


This residence on a Knoll overlooking Miracle Mile with the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills provides sweeping views of the city as an unexpected surprise to visitors only familiar with the viewport from the street level. ADC reinvented the roof deck to provide the client with the ability to enjoy the space watching movies under the night sky while enjoying the rooftop kitchen. The growing family needed an additional bedroom, so a front addition was devised which consolidated the existing amalgamation of remodels, replacing them with a cleanly built a façade which shielded the less attractive elements of the existing building while uniting the new addition in a continuous front elevation which befits the neighborhood. In addition to the additional bedroom a dramatic entry sequence and a ground level office was added. The clean linear architecture with Japanese influences serves the practical as well as aesthetic needs that the home should command from the public, the front louvers are precisely angled to provide the residents with privacy without compromising the city viewpoints from the interior. This reinvention of the front elevation of the property was carefully designed so that the occupants could remain in their living spaces throughout the course of construction with minimal disruption to their ongoing lives; the design is built to last with programmatic features to bring joy and comfort to this family for decades to come.


Welcome to La Casa dei Tramonti Scintillanti (The House of Shimmering Sunsets), designed by Archetype Design Collective and crafted by TR Wurster Construction. This architectural marvel, formed by an expressed structural steel roof structure floating upon floor-to-ceiling glass walls, offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and pristine glimpses of the undisturbed Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, translating the indoor and outdoor living areas into a tranquil oasis that evokes the sensation of being surrounded by water and sky while maintaining a sense of privacy and shelter.

As you approach the property, a secure entry sequence grants access through a monitored linear steel fence as a stone stair emerges from the hillside guiding visitors to the upper level. Floating steps anchored to the hillside lead to a cantilevered travertine stair emerging from the hand-chiseled granite feature wall leading visitors up to the bluff that forms the upper-level living space.

The integration of cascading water features in the side and rear yards, along with strategically placed fire features, introduces dynamic elements to the serene reflection of the sky mirrored by the black onyx pool. A baja shelf invites sun-bathers, while an outdoor kitchen and dining area create the perfect setting for alfresco living. The kitchen’s fenestration seamlessly connects the interior with the exterior via an integrated bar with a heated seating area. A deck overlooking the ocean harmoniously joins the open-plan living room, allowing occupants to relish the distant seascape and a pleasant onshore breeze from both vantage points.

A sleek and minimal trellis entwined with the projecting eave frames the outdoor living area. The eave, adorned with a crisp bent steel fascia finished with a gracefully illuminated brass edge, achieves a slender profile in expressed structure. The master dressing/bath suite boasts a glass roof over the steam shower while clerestory windows offer views of the sky that fill the bath and closet with natural lighting through glass walls, balancing function, form, and privacy. An active water feature wall maintains serene movement in the spa-like environment as the undulating granite wall juxtaposes the endless motion of the crashing waves of the sea within earshot.

Venture to the basement, where a display of collectible vehicles and a theater awaits beyond the transparent wine wall. The bar, living, dining, kitchen, and primary bedroom share breathtaking views of the ocean, seamlessly connected in spirit by the elemental presence of sky and water. The remaining game room, master bath suite, and bedrooms maintain connections to thoughtful water features while the gym, theater, and select bathrooms receive projected imagery of moving water to provide further anchorage to this inspiring element.

Innovation effortlessly merges with function and program as the interior seamlessly transitions into the temperate California environment, creating a timeless and captivating modern residence of international style that celebrates the essence of coastal living!

The Canopy on Robertson

The natural world reveals sustainable patterns of resilience, efficiency, and peace. Why have humans, a creature endowed with the ability to transform landscape as a responsible steward, chosen to dominate the environment and each other? Within the loom of the urban fabric which defines Los Angeles we see rinsed and repeated development schemas, many such efforts producing domineering and inconsiderate results. With manifest destinies driven by financial motive and/or bureaucratic confines, we see sections of the city frequently slashed and burned, wastefully demolishing what may have been worthwhile in the name of development which is often repackaged and imposed upon those around and those within. The Canopy on Robertson challenges these undesirable results, providing an improved redevelopment option to repurpose the parcels which they occupy in a sustainable and considerate manner while providing an elevated occupancy experience to those within.

The Robertson Corridor offers unique zoning aspects not commonly found in other areas of the city – as an artery leading to the heart of West Los Angeles this thoroughfare provides a level of convenience and access not commonly attainable. Rather than surrendering to the cliché of mixed-use behemoths which consolidate ownership and strip occupants of freedom by boxing them into the constraints of fixed units belonging to a single entity, The Canopy on Robertson provides a unique use case to repurpose 3 contiguous lots which share an optimal location and sweeping city views.

Leveraging innovative material choices, the structure of each new building erects onto a completed foundation in less than a week, prefabricated building components closely coordinated with the Building Information Models on which they are based ensure a precise and rapid construction sequence. Integrated green features and water features are employed to provide occupants a connection with these primary elements of nature at varying elevations of the structures. Each structure contains their own rooftop pool and outdoor living space which have been carefully oriented to maximize the panoramic skyline which they share which offer an excellent vista of Los Angeles landmarks notable from one perspective including the towering Downtown cityscape, snowcapped mountains, the Hollywood Sign, Miracle Mile, and The Sunset Strip, among other objects of enduring interest.

Malibu Beachfront Deck

ADC was procured to reinvent a Malibu Beachfront Deck that needed structural repairs. The structure was carefully retrofitted and repaired and a new deck plan was implemented including Ipe finishes, a custom trellis, a thoughtful glass windscreen, cable railings with integrated lighting, and custom subdeck and above deck planters. All of these features were nicely executed and thoughtfully placed to maximize the stunning view of the Malibu Pier and surrounding oceanscape and landscape to create an outdoor living space that has brought years and delight and enjoyment to our client!

Lake Sherwood

The Owners of this quaint historic lakefront home enjoyed decades of residence since their initial remodel of the structure originally built in the 1920s. Although well-kept and inviting, they were ready to reset and refresh the home to resolve operational, aesthetic, and programmatic deficiencies while retaining the spirit of the original structure. The end result would be a similar feel with a carefully planned, convenient, luxurious, and thoughtful living experience. The primary design goals included raising the 1st floor from 8’ to 10’ ceilings, creating an open plan kitchen that would compliment the Owner’s refined culinary expertise while providing for a strong outdoor connection, improving the split level 2nd floor access and circulation, making the undersized garage accessible to an SUV, and adding a great room on an existing terraced portion of the hillside directly behind the existing structure. ADC leveraged point cloud data to maintain the existing footprint to strategically justify the grandfathered setback aspects of the building that would greatly diminish with a new construction approach. This enabled ADC to propose a building envelope which would minimize expensive structural foundation systems leveraging existing structural components as much as possible. By creating strategic workarounds to minimize surcharge into existing site walls ADC avoided triggering hundreds of thousands of dollars of foundation additions and improvements which could needlessly dictate removing and retrofitting existing hillside wall systems which were performing well for many years in their existing state.

Working with the form of the existing building while embellishing and expanding upon the existing architectural concepts, the new entry sequence was relocated and grounded upon an axis which aligns with the property’s lakefront dock to enhance the connection of the home with the body of water on which it peacefully lies. Adding a modern flair to the traditional architecture, ADC was able to devise an open living plan at the entry level which provided excellent indoor/outdoor circulation, outdoor living areas, and garden vistas at the rear of the residence to compliment the lakefront views on the opposing side. While addressing practical accessibility concerns to allow for the retired clients to age gracefully in this multilevel home, a private master suite was crafted, a junior master suite was added, along with a gym and flexible office/guest room achieved all of the potential future programing the clients could dream of.

Thousand Oaks

The Client was starting up a new business with a sense of urgency, his former employer closed unexpectedly so he secured a space a few doors down on Thousand Oaks Blvd strip mall where he would transition from being a staff member to a proprietor. ADC was engaged to produce a working design that would set this Barber Shop above and beyond the competition to retain the existing client base in a comfortable and pleasing environment while attracting new clientele.

With a specific budget parameter, ADC went to work carefully proportioning the tenant improvement of the 250 square foot space to allow for 3 barber chairs, a waiting area, retail display, a cash wrap workstation, a bathroom, and a back of house break and storage area. MEP systems needed to be redesigned and reworked to accommodate the needs of the shop, custom millwork and furnishings were designed. All of this function was squeezed thoughtfully into the space using clean modern aesthetic principals and materials which harken references to barber shops of old. Mirrors were used prolifically to provide a sense of an enlarged space while providing function that the stylists need while working with clients.

ADC completed the design, entitlements, and in conjunction with T. R. Wurster Construction the construction start to finish in 10 weeks, within budget, during COVID. A limited Phase 1 of the design and construction has been completed, the Owner plans to complete the design in a second phase of construction once the business is established.


This experimental art gallery West Hollywood transforms an existing nondescript retail space on precious Beverly Boulevard frontage by gracefully transforming the space into an attractive but not detractive blank canvas with an prodigious capacity for programmatic changes through a unique combination of visualization technologies and innovative building envelope technologies. Within the shaft of a 3 story continuous microLED display system blanketing the publicly viewable walls in imagery, the sculptural stair transports visitors up to an innocuous yet versatile 2nd floor gallery before unveiling the surprising 3rd floor addition to the existing bi-level structure. The upper floor includes an atrium enclosed with an innovative EFTE pillow roof system and glazed wall systems to maximize views of the Sunset Strip and the iconic colorized volumes of the Pacific Design Center. The atrium features prolific projection surfaces which transform all atrium surfaces into a lightbox for projection on floors, walls, and ceilings simultaneously. The adjacent gallery adjacent to a functional greenhouse presenting naturally lit tropical flora and fauna with a surrounding built in seating area immediately appears to be a white canvas for conventional art display. In a moment, the space transforms into a well-appointed screening room or a continuous projection video wall more than 50’ in length. Motorized appurtenances enhance and transform various aspects of the buildings in ways that stretch the imagination and redefine the program based upon the ever changing selection of art within. One can only imagine what brilliant ideas this space will host as world class artists use this multifaceted gallery as a platform to push the limits of technology and art in an ever-evolving space within the seemingly conventional enclosure which provides a profound versatility, ever responsive to and reflective of the creative forces at work within.