This residence on a Knoll overlooking Miracle Mile with the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills provides sweeping views of the city as an unexpected surprise to visitors only familiar with the viewport from the street level. ADC reinvented the roof deck to provide the client with the ability to enjoy the space watching movies under the night sky while enjoying the rooftop kitchen. The growing family needed an additional bedroom, so a front addition was devised which consolidated the existing amalgamation of remodels, replacing them with a cleanly built a façade which shielded the less attractive elements of the existing building while uniting the new addition in a continuous front elevation which befits the neighborhood. In addition to the additional bedroom a dramatic entry sequence and a ground level office was added. The clean linear architecture with Japanese influences serves the practical as well as aesthetic needs that the home should command from the public, the front louvers are precisely angled to provide the residents with privacy without compromising the city viewpoints from the interior. This reinvention of the front elevation of the property was carefully designed so that the occupants could remain in their living spaces throughout the course of construction with minimal disruption to their ongoing lives; the design is built to last with programmatic features to bring joy and comfort to this family for decades to come.


This experimental art gallery West Hollywood transforms an existing nondescript retail space on precious Beverly Boulevard frontage by gracefully transforming the space into an attractive but not detractive blank canvas with an prodigious capacity for programmatic changes through a unique combination of visualization technologies and innovative building envelope technologies. Within the shaft of a 3 story continuous microLED display system blanketing the publicly viewable walls in imagery, the sculptural stair transports visitors up to an innocuous yet versatile 2nd floor gallery before unveiling the surprising 3rd floor addition to the existing bi-level structure. The upper floor includes an atrium enclosed with an innovative EFTE pillow roof system and glazed wall systems to maximize views of the Sunset Strip and the iconic colorized volumes of the Pacific Design Center. The atrium features prolific projection surfaces which transform all atrium surfaces into a lightbox for projection on floors, walls, and ceilings simultaneously. The adjacent gallery adjacent to a functional greenhouse presenting naturally lit tropical flora and fauna with a surrounding built in seating area immediately appears to be a white canvas for conventional art display. In a moment, the space transforms into a well-appointed screening room or a continuous projection video wall more than 50’ in length. Motorized appurtenances enhance and transform various aspects of the buildings in ways that stretch the imagination and redefine the program based upon the ever changing selection of art within. One can only imagine what brilliant ideas this space will host as world class artists use this multifaceted gallery as a platform to push the limits of technology and art in an ever-evolving space within the seemingly conventional enclosure which provides a profound versatility, ever responsive to and reflective of the creative forces at work within.