Nearly a decade prior, TRWurster built an elaborate structure for a luxe client in the Huntington Palisades which served to be a case study in BIM modeling and coordination. The project was a stunning success, and the design, fit, and finish is of the highest caliber.
While TRW was performing some estate maintenance along with design-building elements of a refreshed Golf Simulator with the unique ability to convert to a Theater at the touch of a button and crafting upgrades to the existing gym, the client advised TRW/ADC that there were operational deficiencies that needed resolution. Front yard security needed to be enhanced, the existing landscape and hardscape left much to be desired, and a generator and battery storage were needed. Onsite parking circulation was poor at best and also needed to be developed.

The client faced numerous operational deficiencies on their property, including poor security in the front yard, inadequate landscape and hardscape, lack of generator and battery storage, and inefficient on-site parking circulation. These issues were hindering their overall living experience and property functionality.

Imagine feeling unsafe in your own front yard, struggling with lackluster outdoor spaces, dealing with parking chaos daily, and constantly worrying about power outages. These shortcomings can take a toll on your peace of mind and quality of life.

TRW/ADC utilized innovative solutions such as point cloud data and BIM modeling to address all these concerns effectively. When adding a unique water feature the connection between the distant ocean horizon and the immediate front yard was strengthened to further enhance and improve the day to day living experience and to maximize the entry sequence. By implementing a new driveway program, enhanced security measures, improved landscape design, and creative underground living space concepts, ADC transformed the unused area into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. With minimal lagging and shoring, the front yard could be captured for subterranean utility, parking, and living needs. Schematic studies of the proposed basement presented the opportunity for a fashion themed program and a sports themed program; both space utilizations connected to the new water feature as an acrylic skylight with unexpected views to the sky through the elegant water feature above. Hidden vehicle lifts in the driveway were proposed to add additional on site parking for the growing family in an unused subterranean space.

With TRW/ADC’s expertise, the client’s upgraded property offers enhanced security, beautiful outdoor spaces, efficient parking solutions, and additional living amenities—all seamlessly integrated to improve their daily living experience.


Project Brief:

While performing estate maintenance on this charming residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean ADC became aware that the property needed a significant expansion to accommodate the clients’ growing living requirements. The existing space was limited and lacked essential features for modern living, creating a dilemma for the residents. The kitchen was cramped, lacking storage and entertainment space, making it challenging to host guests and to organize daily activities. Additionally, the need to house the client’s vehicle collection and expand home office and utility programming added to the needs of the project. Existing laundry equipment was limited to a closet with poor access, so a new functional laundry program needed to be introduced.


Enter ADC, the design firm that transformed this quaint residence into a luxurious haven while seamlessly blending new additions with the existing structure. By employing innovative design strategies like a glass rotunda in the kitchen to capture breathtaking views without compromising functionality, ADC created a harmonious living environment that feels like it has always been part of the home.

Utilizing setback regulations cleverly, ADC introduced a basement within the front yard setback with minimal disruption to existing areas. This footage created subterranean living spaces intermingled within the existing hillside, added utility programming, and introduced 4 car garage using vehicle lifts offering views of the collectible vehicles from above through a structural glass floor forming the ocean-facing balcony adjacent to the living room. A additional specialized garage offers additional parking while creating a space to maintain the client’s collection of vintage motorbikes. The addition of an architecturally stunning rotunda at the entrance enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the residence in the Spanish architectural vernacular while maximizing usable space.

The incorporation of antique stained glass and other unique found elements from the client’s collection adds character and charm to the revamped property. A new wine room/lounge with an adjoining courtyard not only expanded living areas but also offered a secure and serene ocean view experience in this indoor/outdoor living area.

With these meticulous and thoughtful enhancements, ADC transformed this Pacific Palisades residence into a captivating retreat that promises delight to all who step inside.